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Pros & Cons of an HOA!

Posted by Bailey Gordon on June 21, 2017 in  Buying Tips  Home INFO  Monthly Home Checklist
When you buy a home that has a Home Owner's Association (HOA) you're essentially paying a fee to live according to the association's set of rules and guidelines. Your payment in return, is used toward maintaining the community and managing the common areas, other members of the community and any issues that may arise. During your home search, it's important to factor in the pros and cons of having an HOA in order to decide if it's something you want or something you'd rather not pay into.  We'r... read more
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When you think of a Southern home, do you think of breezy porches, rocking chairs and spacious rooms for gathering your closest friends and family? If you answered, "Yes" then you're going to love this new listing at 518 McGinnis Lane! Not only does the cheerful, welcoming exterior of this home instantly make you feel invited in, but the feeling of Southern hospitality continues as you walk through the front door! Colorful, Bright and Beachy don't even begin to describe the incredible details of this... read more
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NC Blueberry Festival & the Spring Flea at BAC

Wilmington Area Events You Won't Want to Miss
Posted by Bailey Gordon on June 13, 2017 in  Inspiration Features  Local Events
While there are always things to do in our pretty city of Wilmington, NC this weekend plays host to some wonderful Southern activities that highlight the success of the area's agriculture, arts & entertainment! If you haven't made plans to attend the North Carolina Blueberry Festival or the Spring Flea at BAC, then you should start constructing a weekend itinerary that includes both events!  Each year in June, the area has a wonderful opportunity to celebrate NC agriculture, including the e... read more
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Despite the type of outdoor living space you have (patio, poolside, deck, porch, screened in porch, etc.) there are 5 "must-have" items that will take your space to the next level of luxury and comfort for you and your guests this Summer! Everyone enjoys conversation and relaxation in an outdoor setting, but you can certainly enhance both with the right design and style elements! If you want to make sure you're making the most of your patio space, check our list and see how your space matches up! 1... read more
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Get Ready, Get Set... PLANT!

Posted by Bailey Gordon on June 07, 2017 in  Design and Decor  Inspiration Features  Staging Tips
Potted plants are one of the best ways to add instant curb appeal, celebrate Summer months and create a little more charm in your outdoor living areas! From simple plastic pots to dramatic ceramic containers, there are endless options when it comes to dressing up your space with potted plants! You'd be amazed at the simple difference that even a basic fern can add to your porch, but when you see the photo-journal of potted beauties we've put together for your viewing pleasure today, you'll be dreami... read more
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