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Homeowners, Take Part in Verizon's Annual Recycling Rally!

Posted: May 17, 2017 by Bailey Gordon

If you've been thinking about being more environmentally friendly, start with recycling! If you're not doing it already, it may be time to start and there's one local Wilmington Business that wants to help you! Verizon Wireless is (once again) taking responsibility for all of us and encouraging residents and employees to dispose of unwanted electronics and other household items in an environmentally friendly manner at their annual Recycling Rally!

You may not have Verizon as your service provider, but you can't deny their dedication to a better future for everyone! Verizon works hard to stay conscious of the environment and the role they play in creating a sustainable future for us all. In fact, in 2009, Verizon set a goal to reduce their carbon intensity by 50% by the year 2020 and they've already met that goal in 2016 when they reduced it 4 years ahead of their projection by 54%! WOW! Even if you're not actively recycling you've got to appreciate a company that sets a goal that benefits all of us, and reaches it before their projected time frame! What better way to show how serious you are about the results, than to actively work ahead of schedule, right? If you're interested by this statistic and want to see more of the breakdown and how they achieved this incredible goal, CLICK HERE!

When I researched the Recycling Rally, I ended up discovering a lot more about Verizon's active role in the ensuring a better future for everyone and I couldn't help but share some of what I learned with you today! Verizon has a very involved role in supporting domestic violence victims through their HopeLine Program, promotes STEM learning through the Verizon Innovative Learning Initiative (which gives free technology & hands-on learning to students and teachers in underfunded communities) and they provide funds to match their employees' donations to charitable causes, aid in disaster relief and provide funds for rebuilding, provide technology support during natural disasters and SO MUCH MORE! I really couldn't believe everything this company has a hand in and takes part in to "give back" to not only our local community, but to our nation and to the planet as a whole! 

Are electronics constantly enhancing and adding convenience to our lives on a daily basis? YES! Can they do this and still somehow remain environmentally friendly? Simpy stated, YES! Just look at the responsibility this company is making to be sure that their products can support our future growth and still give back, by visiting

So, you may be thinking, "What does this have to do with Real Estate and why do I need to know this?" Well, we though it was important to show you how YOU, as a homeowner and a local Wilmington resident, can also take an active role to make our community more involved and focused on the future and hopefully Verizon's efforts will inspire you to do more!

Start with the Recycling Rally TODAY at 3601 Converse Drive! We all have some of these eligible items just collecting dust around our homes and maybe now is the time to do something beneficial with them! Eligible items you can drop off include electronics, glass, plastics, aluminum cans, lap top and desk top computers, LCD monitors and televisions, computer cables and accessories like cables, mice and keyboards, gaming consoles, answering machines, paper shredders, alarm clocks, remote controls, printers, small kitchen appliances like coffeemakers, toasters and can openers, electronic toys (remove batteries please!) and so much more! Whether you're a homeowner or a local business owner, you can make a difference by contributing your old recyclable items today!

Let's take responsibility and contribute to our own futures by recycling these items rather than just throwing them away! Let Verizon's efforts inspire you, like they've inspired us and maybe we will see you there!

If you have questions or need more information on the Recycling Rally, contact:

Wendy Huston
(864) 233-3776


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