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Here's How We're Helping You Daily!

Posted: August 09, 2017 by Bailey Gordon

Whether you're thinking of selling your home or you're currently house hunting for the first time, we want to let you in on a little information that may help you pick the right Real Estate Agent! We've all seen the statistics that show how an Agent can make your buying or selling experience less stressful, earn you more money on your sale, and complete the entire process knowledgeably, smoothly and in the end, to your benefit!

So how does an agent do this? Well, it starts with proper dedication, training and experience as a whole, but we'd like to break down the daily actions that contribute to your positive agent/client relationship! If you're familiar with the popular trends of real estate tv shows, you may be surprised to know that buying and selling a home is not quite as simple as it appears on television, but with limited time slots and finicky viewers, the outcome must be appealing to watch! What happens behind the scenes and during the commercial breaks has a lot to do with the daily work of an agent in order to smoothly facilitate the purchase or sale! 

Let's take a look at some of the things a good Real Estate Agent will do on a daily basis to help you achieve your ideal experience!

1. Being Available. There are officially no days off in real estate. There can be days that agents specifically don't schedule appointments, but whether or not you're meeting with them, they are likely still working for you in other ways. Responding to emails, phone calls, inquiries, etc. is enough to fill at least a few hours of an agent's days and a good agent knows that a timely response is one of the most important factors to your relationship. If you've chosen the right agent, he or she will know how important your situation is and they will be available to you via text, email, phone calls or face to face if necessary, but even when you aren't seeing them, they will be there working for you.

2. Staying up to Date on MLS activity. Reviewing new market activity on a daily basis keeps agents "in the know" when it comes to information that may be of interest to their clients. Competitive listings, pricing changes, available homes, etc. can all be relevant pieces of information that change daily and perhaps in favor of a client's best interest! Your agent wants to be able to inform you of any changes, updates or information that could apply to your experience, whether it's good or bad.

3. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule! As a real estate agent, scheduling is a huge part of being effective. Meetings with current clients, new clients or potential clients, organizing open houses, scheduling walk throughs, scheduling office time to review the market, write new listings and respond to phone calls, emails or texts are all part of what makes an agent's time so valuable. There is always something to do, so proper scheduling is a must in order to complete a day in the field successfully!

4. Negotiating. Part of an agent's daily routine (and perhaps the most important one to your benefit as a client) revolves around negotiations. Negotiating offers could go on for days or weeks. Part of an agent's responsibility to you is to make sure that everyone involved in the process does their job. From whichever side of the transaction they represent (buyer or seller) agents need to make sure everyone is fulfilling their obligations in a timely manner, but negotiations don't stop there. As problem solvers and crisis managers, sometimes an agent's negotiation skills can help in other areas of the process as well. If you've chosen the right agent, you can rest assured their negotiation skills will always be in favor of your best interest.

5. Problem Solving. Let's extended that previous thought of problem solving in terms of a daily action of agents. Sometimes problem solving consists of educating clients about the realities of what they are trying to accomplish. No two days in real estate are the same and new problems could arrive daily, but the right agent will inform you of the crisis, thoroughly resolve it as quickly as possible and move on to the next thing on their schedule! Luckily for you as a client, most agents have a list of contacts that range from lenders and attorneys to roofers, electricians and plumbers, so they are well equipped to handle whatever problem may arise! Another part of an agent's daily actions is scheduling the time to nurture those relationships with their contacts so that they are readily available and willing to help in a time of need! 

6. Marketing. How an agent markets their business plays a big part in helping you as a client. Agents work on their marketing every day. Whether it's website information, newsletters, videos or social media, an agent's reach and awareness to the public can be incredibly helpful to you as a client. If you're a seller, an agent's marketing strategy plays a big part in how often and on what platforms your home is available to be viewed by the public. If you're a buyer, an agent's marketing may be what pulled you in to work with them in the first place. Seeing an agent with a large public following or social media following is a true sign that they are efficient, well liked and good with customer experiences, as well as being successful in the market!

Along with a million other things throughout the day, the above actions are some of the most important things you can be confident your agent is doing on a daily basis. In order to help give you the best experience, the work never ends!  

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