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First Night Essentials for a New Home!

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Posted: August 12, 2017 by Bailey Gordon

We all know how exciting the buying process can be, but let's be honest, as exciting as it is, the first night in a new home is usually pretty stressful! You're probably already tired from moving, the home may not be as clean yet as you would prefer and boxes are still all over the place... Sound familiar?

We're all aware of that daunting period between closing on your home and actually moving into it and getting it set up to your liking, but the first night especially can be tough if you're not prepared! We want you to be prepared, so in honor of your first night in your new home, we're going to provide you with a FIRST NIGHT list of items that you'll want to pack in specific boxes that should be opened first!

So, pull out a few boxes, mark "OPEN FIRST NIGHT" on them and include the following items to ensure your first night goes smoothly and stress-free:

FOR YOUR COMFORT: bedding, toilet paper, toothbrush & paste, hand soap, shower liner, shampoo & conditioner, a few towels, and comfortable pajamas. After all of your hard work moving boxes all day, you'll want to shower, relax and sleep comfortably with these items! 

FOR EATING: Paper plates, napkins, silverware or plastic-ware, cups, coffee maker & a bottle of bubbly (if you're celebrating your first night!) Feel free to throw a few snacks down in this box too and if you're not ordering take out for convenience, be sure to pack what you plan on cooking for dinner and putting it in the fridge if necessary! If you're having wine instead of champagne, don't forget to throw a wine opener in this box!

FOR CLEANING: If you're going to attempt any left over cleaning after moving (we recommend you do this before moving in if possible, but if it isn't possible, you're going to be just fine!) you'll want to be sure to pack a few essential cleaning items like gloves, trash bags, scissors, cleansers, soaps, cleaning cloths and some other household items like a flashlight, screw driver and hammer, just in case anything unexpected comes up!

FOR CHILDREN: if you're moving with young children consider packing a box of only "Kid's Essentials" like formulas, bottles, diapers, and blankets. For older kids, try thinking about their pajamas, bedding, a favorite stuffed animal and toothbrushes. If your kids are preteen or teenagers, include a box with a board game or two, handheld video devices and possibly a laptop if you have one so that the kids stay entertained while you move, unpack and prepare for the first night.

FOR YOUR PURSE: Pen & paper to make lists of things you notice while you're moving in or a list of things you want to start with on your next few days, phone charger, phone, takeout menu if you're planning on having dinner delivered instead of trying to cook and unpack the kitchen, cash to tip the movers if you've hired help and possibly a few bandaids or first aid cream in case anyone gets injured while moving boxes or furniture.

If you haven't hired movers and you're doing the work yourself, either pack these boxes on the first trip so that they definitely make it to the new home in case you end up not moving everything in one day. If you've rented a moving truck to do everything in one load, make sure you pack these boxes as the very last thing so that they are the first thing out of the truck at your new home! 
Along with anything else you personally need to get through the first night, the above items should make your first night in a new home a comfortable, stress free and memorable one! We know it seems like a lot getting settled into a new home, but with some clever packing and an organized plan of unpacking, it will be worth it in the end for you to begin setting up your home and beginning your new journey!


Helpful Hint: We're a big fan of the "Packing by Room" method, which makes unpacking very easy! Simply pack each room one at a time and mark the boxes based upon each room. Then, as an example, unload all the boxes marked "Kitchen" straight to the kitchen when you're moving, then everything for that room is already there when you go to unpack. Unpack one room at a time until you've made your way through your new home! Some people prefer to just unload the truck just to get all the items into the new home, but often find it more stressful to sort each box this way. If you're moving the boxes straight from the truck into the room where they will end up belonging, unpacking room by room seems so much easier in the long run!

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