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Don't Let These Things Discourage Your Home Search

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Posted: October 10, 2017 by Bailey Gordon

Buying a home involves a lot of thought and some pretty serious decision making, so once you've gotten past the hard decisions and answered some of the more difficult financial questions involved, you should be ready to begin your journey of looking at homes! What an exciting time, right? We know you've probably faced several emotions by the time you get to this stage like being overwhelmed, unsure and a little nervous, but we can assure you that those are all very valid emotions for the experience you're going through! Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments you'll make in a lifetime so it's perfectly normal to feel slightly uneasy throughout the process because of all the "brain work" it takes to get to this stage of the process! We've got some good news for you though, looking at homes is the fun part!

You finally get to pull out your checklists and with the help of your broker you can finally begin your search for a home that meets your requirements and now it's time to focus on exactly what you're looking for. In order to rest your brain and relieve a little stress during your home search we're going to share with you some things you SHOULD NOT be looking at when you walk through potential homes. While it's great seeing everything potential homes have to offer you, it's also easy to get caught up in a few things that act as distractors. We want you to stay focused on the important things and not be visually distracted by things that won't actually impact your new home so let's talk about those things today.

The first common distractor during a walk through is paint color. It's important to remember that paint colors (interior and exterior) can be changed. Instead of seeing unappealing paint colors as a turn off, look at them as an opportunity to personalize the home to your own liking. It's often easy for people to get stuck on paint colors because if they aren't appealing they tend to stay on your mind and instantly change your mood. Just stay positive if you're viewing a home with bold colors or unappealing colors because you may overlook some important positive aspects of the home because you're too focused on a bad paint choice! If you're concerned with the amount of work it would take to repaint, it's important to remember that painting is a relatively inexpensive project to hire out!
Tip: Instead of focusing on paint color, tell yourself to look for a home's architectural details or notice the natural lighting and think about what new color palette would enhance those features!

The next distractor is furniture or staging aspects of a home. Never pay attention to the current furniture in a home because unless you love it and want to work it into the contract, it's more than likely leaving with the sellers! If you're walking through a home and you dislike the current furniture, try to picture your own furnishing in the room. 
Tip: If you're struggling to overlook the furniture in a room, try to pay attention to the angles and the layout within the room so that you can determine which furnishings of your own would work best in that area.

Next on the list is window treatments. While some window treatments will typically remain with the home when you buy it, you shouldn't let them distract you during a walk through. First, window treatments are super easy to swap out if you're unhappy with what's there and second, changing them out should get you excited about making your own mark on the space!
Tip: Rather than focusing on the hardware or treatments on windows, be sure to pay more attention to the energy efficiency of the windows and the amount of natural light they allow into the room!

Sometimes buyers dislike light fixtures within the home and while they too, usually come with the home when it sells, they are also an easy fix. The good news is if you dislike light fixtures within the home and they are in good condition, you may be able to sell them for the funds to purchase new ones that fit your taste and add more personality to the room!
Tip: Instead of letting bad fixtures distract you on your walk through, try to remember to focus more on the quality and convenience of the electrical wiring and whether or not different rooms have overhead lighting capability. 

The last thing we'd like to help keep you focused with on your walk through is fencing. Many buyers these days have pets, children or other reasons for wanting a home with a fenced in yard, but just because you don't see a fence on your walk through doesn't mean that with the proper permission one couldn't be installed. Try not to discount a great property due to a lack of fencing when it's often an easy fix down the road!
Tip: If you're still worried about a great home not having a fenced in yard, try to pay more attention to the quality of the yard, the size of the yard and the slope. You may find that you love these aspects of the yard enough to be willing to add the cost of fencing into your budget. The perk to adding your own fence - you get to choose the style!

We want you to thoroughly enjoy your home search and not be discouraged or distracted by things that seem big, but can actually be changed relatively easily and inexpensively! While some of these popular distractors attempt to take over your mind during a walk through, you're going to know what to focus on and what NOT to factor into your decision!

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