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Monthly Home Checklist - December

Posted: December 01, 2017 by Bailey Gordon

If you've kept up with our Monthly Home Checklist Blogs then you know we made a New Year's Resolution last January to maintain a clean and properly functioning home for one full year and guess what?... We've made it to the last month successfully!

We can all pat ourselves on the back for a job well done and then pull out your cleaning supplies for one last Checklist to ensure your home is ready for Christmas!

Let's not waste any time, it's December 1st and if you're motivated enough you can finish this list TODAY and relax your way through the Holiday until it's time to start making your next New Year's Resolutions!


  • If you have a fireplace, schedule to have your chimney cleaned. This is a must do regardless of whether you are burning wood logs or have a gas fireplace. Dirty chimneys are a leading cause of house fires and it's way better to be safe (and clean) than sorry. To keep things clean all month long, remove your fireplace ash after each use.
  • Since we know you'll already have the ladder out to start hanging Christmas lights outside, take the opportunity of convenience and give your gutters a good cleaning before you string up the lights. This task was on a previous Fall month checklist, but it doesn't take long at all for debris to build back up. Why not knock out two tasks at one time, right? Then you'll have a clean view while hanging your lights and you won't have to worry about your gutters working properly in the event of winter weather.
  • If you're going to be expecting Holiday guests, take the time to freshen up any guest rooms and bathrooms. Perhaps after tidying up in these areas it would be a good idea to beef up the bedding or add a few extra throws to be sure your guests have all the warmth they need. Once you have the guest bathrooms cleaned up, try adding some greenery or a festive hand soap to add a little holiday cheer!
  • If you're fortunate enough to have not used your heat yet this Fall, turn it on to be sure you aren't having any issues. If you notice anything alarming, schedule a service call now before the cold weather actually sets in! 
  • While you're checking your HVAC unit, let's go ahead and change the air filters around your home. Changing these will allow clean air to flow more freely inside your home.
  • If you're going to be doing a lot of cooking for the Holidays, let's get that fridge in proper order! If you followed our previous checklists, you probably already rotated out any items that were approaching their expiration date, so let's double check that and start cleaning the fridge one shelf at a time. Once you have a clean slate to work with you can begin your meal prep and start shopping for the items you know you're going to bake with or use for the next few weeks. 
  • Once you have the fridge cleaned and ready to support your holiday cooking, let's take a quick glance at the pantry. Are there any foods that you can incorporate into your meals so that they don't expire before use? Do you have any non-perishable items you could donate locally for food drives? Go ahead and gather some of these items and either rotate them to the front if you're planning them into your meal prep or place them in a bag or container and set aside for a donation drop off!
  • Now, let's get back in the kitchen. You probably used your stove to contribute to Thanksgiving Dinner, so let's give it a good thorough cleaning so that it's ready for you to bake some Christmas cookies or other holiday treats! We love starting with a clean slate anytime we're in the Kitchen!
  • Once you've completed these tasks, give your home a once over as far as any place you may be losing heat. For example, check the insulation in your attic to be sure it's up to par and check the seals on doors and windows to see if you need any weatherstripping.
  • Now for the fun stuff... pull our your Holiday decorations! When you get to the Christmas lights, throw out any strands that seem worn or frayed. If your lights are older incandescent lights, think about replacing them with new LED lights, which are safer and more energy efficient, because they use less power, last longer and stay cooler, making them less of a fire hazard! 

Now that we've completed our list for December you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Holiday decorating you've done along with the feeling of pride for completing a whole year of Monthly Checklists! As usual, don't forget to keep up with your daily and weekly chore list like the dishes, laundry and dusting, but don't bother vacuuming until all of your Holiday items are up and the tree is decorated because we all know how those tree needles and glitter from ornaments end up EVERYWHERE!

Happy Holidays! 

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