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7 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out to A Buyer

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Posted: January 02, 2018 by Bailey Gordon

If 2018 is the year you're going to sell your home, we've got some great tips that will help you impress potential Buyers! 

Since we get first hand experience working with Buyers, we often know exactly what they are looking for when they begin viewing homes. In order to help you as a Seller, we've come up with 7 things you can do to transform your home into a place where Buyers can view its best assets, envision their own life taking place in your space and make sure that your home leaves a lasting impression throughout their search!

With one main goal of getting your home SOLD quickly, here's what we've come up with to help you prepare your home for its Debut onto the Market! 

The bottom line here is that a dirty home does not appear to be well maintained. We know life gets busy and while it's easy to pick up from day to day around the house, it's sometimes difficult to frequently deep clean, but that's exactly what needs to happen when you open your home to Buyers. Schedule a cleaning service to do a one-time deep cleaning or pull out the supplies and tackle it over the course of a weekend! It will definitely pay off in the long run so that people can walk into a clean, inviting space! Having a clean home will also show off all of the home's features in the best setting possible!

Yes, the interior of your home needs to be clean when Buyers walk through, but you should also remember to pay attention to your home's exterior and curb appeal. A Buyer's first impression of your home is made the second they pull into the driveway. Make sure that your lawn, porch and exterior is both tidy and welcoming upon first appearance. This includes landscaping, exterior paint and limiting any lawn decor or porch accessories to just the bare minimum. Keeping things simple on the exterior will give Buyers the impression of a low maintenance space and still allow them to picture their own furniture or exterior items in the area.

Most would argue that this is the most important task a Seller can have when it comes to preparing their home and we agree! Clutter in your home does several things: it makes your space appear smaller, it makes cleaning more difficult and it prevents Buyers from being able to truly see your space as well as picturing their own belongings in a space that's filled with clutter. It's best to get rid of anything that isn't being used daily, store extra furniture and clothing while your home is being shown (this will also help you when it comes time to move if you haven't already because these items will already be packed and in storage) and keep your personal items like family photos and any excess decorations to a minimum. Make sure that your counter tops are cleared off each time you have a showing and be sure to tidy up any stray items that may have been pulled out by children or pets.

If you have pets, that's fine, but when you are showing your home, it's important to clean up any of their stray chew toys, clean any litter boxes and place food bowls in a cabinet or mud room. We all know how important a pet is in your lifestyle, but if not kept up after, the presence of a pet could impact potential Buyers. You want to be sure your home doesn't have any pet odors and you want to portray a space where a pet lives, but does not serve as a distraction from the home itself. 

While you don't have to bring in all new furniture, it is a good idea to display your best pieces and put anything else in storage. If you've had a deep cleaning and decluttered, you've already began the staging process! Now it's time to focus on items that enhance the space, not distract from it. You want to try to keep paint, curtains, furniture and wall decor neutral and inviting so that anyone could picture the space as a blank canvas for their own stuff. 

If you've followed the previous items on our list, you definitely want to show off your transformed space to Buyers and the best way to show off a home is to open the curtains, pull up the shades and turn on your lights so that there's not a dark space to be found when Buyers walk through! Natural light does wonders for adding depth to a room and overhead lighting enhances the size of the space and highlights flooring and details that may otherwise be overlooked!

In order to sell your home, people need to be able to view it frequently. Make sure you have some flexibility with showing times and make your home available when a Buyer requests to see it. Limiting your availability for showings can be the difference between a Buyer moving on to the next home, so you want to be sure that your home is accessible. You'll also want to be sure that if a Buyer schedules a showing that you find something to do away from the home if you're currently still living there. Buyers want to view your home comfortably with their agent and it's often difficult to speak freely about likes and dislikes if you're around for their showing.

If you're looking for things to enhance your home's appeal to potential Buyers, these 7 things should make a difference! Not only will this list help you pack some items for your transition, as well as preparing the home for showings, but to the active Buyers who are viewing your home, the efforts you've made could make a lasting impression that ultimately ends with them choosing to purchase your home!

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