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Holiday Listings!

Real Estate & The Holidays
Posted: November 28, 2018 by Bailey Gordon

The Holidays are upon us and while most people assume it's not a good time for Real Estate, we find nothing could be further from the truth! There are actually several ways that listing your home during the Holiday months can benefit you!

Let's start with the most obvious misconception - Inconvenience!

Most assume that listing during the holidays is a major inconvenience, but for who?

As a homeowner, you can completely control when you allow showings. Each showing should be scheduled by a Realtor, so you'll know exactly when it's requested and you are in control of approving or denying it for any reason at all, allowing them to reschedule. If you plan to be out of town for a weekend, that's no problem! Potential buyers will be accompanied by their agent and it's preferred you not be present for showings anyway. If you're hosting guests at your home for a holiday party or other celebrations, just block off those times and don't allow showings. Super simple!

Along with the assumed inconvenience, another misconception is that lenders, agents, home inspectors, etc. aren't available throughout the Holidays to move along the sale of your home... FALSE! Most people in the Real Estate industry experience a lull (based on this misconception) in business this time of the year, so while they may take a few days here or there for Christmas and New Years to be with Family or due to closed offices, most are more than willing to accept the extra work on your behalf and are excited to provide their services! While you may lose a few days before, during and after Christmas, all parties involved will typically work hard to get everything in and approved without much of a hiccup in the overall process!

Now for misconception #2 - Holiday Staging!

While it's true that staging can help sell a home, as long as it's neutral and allows buyers to see the potential in a space without overwhelming their ability to picture their own "things" in the home, most sellers worry (or have been told) that their Holiday decorations will distract buyers. We think there are ways around this misconception. Are you familiar with the saying, "Everything in moderation..."?

Let's think about that in terms of your decor for showings... can you imagine how a few decorative holiday pillows, fresh greenery or a simple festive hand towel can actually make buyers feel warm and cozy when they step inside your modestly decorated home? There's a skill to reeling back and not overdoing Christmas decorations, but instead, finding a happy medium to allow your potential buyers to envision their families in the space during the season. Most home buying experiences involve a large number of emotional impacts, so why not set the tone and appeal to your potential buyers' sentiments and emotions? As long as you keep in mind items that have a universal appeal, you won't go wrong!

Our point - Don't be afraid to put up your Christmas tree, but leave great Aunt Bertie's holiday nic-nac's that you inherited in storage until next year! 

Now that we've got some major misconceptions out of the way, let's talk about Holiday BUYERS!

Buyers that come out to look at homes over the Holidays are MOTIVATED! The thought of less competition after a busy season, a predicted rise in interest rates, possible job relocations during the first of the year and the added tax benefit of purchasing before the end of the year are all very motivating factors to Holiday season buyers, not to mention the fact that they may be off work, allowing them more time to effectively view your home without feeling rushed or overwhelmed trying to squeeze multiple showings in on a lunch break or day off. 

Overall, We believe that now is just as good a time as any to go ahead and list if you've been thinking about selling your home. The landscaping may not be as appealing during the winter months as it is in the height of the Spring, but the Market is still going strong and buyers are not slowing down just because Christmas is approaching!

Don't let misconceptions keep you from making progress on your next chapter! If you have listing questions or you're thinking of buying, we are here to help all through the Holidays & we are always looking for a reason to celebrate with happy clients!

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