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Part 1
Posted: February 28, 2019 by Bailey Gordon

The beginning of this year started off much busier than we anticipated and we've loved every minute of it!

It has also made us realize just how much we WORK.

We work in our business, we work on our relationships, we work as Mothers and as March approaches we want to share with you some of our "Why's" and what drives us!

Today we dedicated our lunch conversation to discussing what makes our team unique, what inspires us, how we balance all aspects of life, how we give ourselves grace on the days when our ability to balance life falls short and what we can do to develop and nurture our personal relationships with clients and followers, when all of a sudden we came across this Blog. 

While we were relatively discussing our own ideas of success, this just seemed appropriate and almost an act of fate that we would stumble upon it during such a rewarding conversation of searching for a way to let people into our lives beyond just our business perception. 

We highly encourage you to  CLICK HERE  and stay tuned for more this month on how Bailey and I define success in terms of balance, goals and development!

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