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When it comes to your home's interior styling, are you on trend? If you're unsure if your decor is up to date, we're going to show you our top 5 (favorite) home decor accents that are trending for Summer! The trick to staying on trend is to never stray too far from your own specific style and the classics, but to incorporate hints of current, popular design influences throughout your space, without losing yourself in the mix! Ready for the Summer home decor trends that are taking over coastal communities... read more
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Wilmington This Week!

Posted by Bailey Gordon on May 30, 2017 in  Home INFO  Inspiration Features  Local Events
We hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing Memorial Day Weekend honoring those who truly deserve the remembrance, but now that you've had a nice long weekend it's time to gear up for a week full of Wilmington activities all around town! It's that time of year where there's always something to do from sporting events and art exhibits to culinary showcases and live music performances and Wilmington Events will keep your calendars full all the way through summer! Let's start by showing you what's happenin... read more
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One of the hardest parts of selling your home is preparing it for people to view. You definitely want to highlight your home's best assets, stage the interior so that potential buyers can envision themselves living in the space and make any necessary repairs that will boost the value and improve the appearance of your home, all in an effort to entice buyers to your property! Preparing your home in the above ways will not only lead to a successful, pleasant selling experience, but also a quicker sale and h... read more
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Preparing Your Home for Summer Guests or Renters

Posted by Bailey Gordon on May 23, 2017 in No Category
If you’re preparing your home for summer guests or renters, there are definitely a few things you shouldn’t overlook in order to ensure your guests have a welcoming and relaxing stay! It’s easy to get caught up in the basic guest-related “to-do” list, like washing the linens, grocery shopping and cleaning your home, that we forget to pay attention to the details that really make a guest feel relaxed! We think there are 5 ways to go above and beyond for your summer guests/... read more
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Budgeting For A Home Loan

Posted by Bailey Gordon on May 20, 2017 in  Buying Tips  Home INFO
Buying a home is one of the largest investments some people may make in their lifetime, so making sure you form a budget that lets you invest the right amount of money is a very important part of the process! Finding a home you can comfortably afford, by preparing a budget, will allow you room in your savings to have other investments without stretching your wallet too thin on your mortgage alone. Making the distinction in what you SHOULD borrow vs. what you COULD borrow is a great tool that will help you... read more
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