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While being a homeowner has its financial perks, it can also take its toll on your wallet in terms of your monthly electricity bill! Recent studies show that up to a third of the energy pulled into a residential setting goes to waste, which also means we're wasting money. Let's be honest, we all spend money on our homes, but we'd rather help you spend it on fun things like new furniture, a fresh coat of paint or a fun DIY project... not a high utility bill! So we're going to explore a few ways to cut back... read more
If you love being outdoors and you want your next home to accommodate an active outdoor lifestyle, we've got a New Listing you're going to love! The neighborhoods of Windsor Park are designed to encourage outdoor activities such as swimming, walking, picnics & playing on the playground and this home embraces all of those things!  With a fully fenced back yard, access to amenities that include a pool, picnic area, playground and beautiful natural scenery to enjoy while walking or biking, 1... read more
We're ready for you! We've been here all along, patiently waiting for you to make the decision to sell your home. We understand it's not an easy choice. We know you're probably emotionally attached and understandably fond of the memories you've created in your current home. We know that the financial accountability of selling and buying can be a bit intimidating and a lot of work.  We're aware that if you're currently renting and have always rented in the past, that the thought of being a homeowne... read more

Pros & Cons of an HOA!

Posted by Bailey Gordon on June 21, 2017 in  Buying Tips  Home INFO  Monthly Home Checklist
When you buy a home that has a Home Owner's Association (HOA) you're essentially paying a fee to live according to the association's set of rules and guidelines. Your payment in return, is used toward maintaining the community and managing the common areas, other members of the community and any issues that may arise. During your home search, it's important to factor in the pros and cons of having an HOA in order to decide if it's something you want or something you'd rather not pay into.  We'r... read more
When you think of a Southern home, do you think of breezy porches, rocking chairs and spacious rooms for gathering your closest friends and family? If you answered, "Yes" then you're going to love this new listing at 518 McGinnis Lane! Not only does the cheerful, welcoming exterior of this home instantly make you feel invited in, but the feeling of Southern hospitality continues as you walk through the front door! Colorful, Bright and Beachy don't even begin to describe the incredible details of this... read more