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5 Creative DIY Projects That Pack a Punch!

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Posted by Bailey Gordon on December 12, 2017 in  Design and Decor  Home INFO  Inspiration Features  Staging Tips
If you're like us, December is a crazy month. The year is coming to an end and there's a lot to do before Christmas rolls around.  Shopping, thinking about shopping, cooking, thinking about cooking, entertaining and thinking about entertaining... see where we're going with this? We know it's a busy time and we know Holiday stress is the real deal, so we wanted to invite you to light a fire, kick your shoes off and grab your preferred tablet, phone or laptop to enjoy this Blog! With so much going on in our... read more
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If you've kept up with our Monthly Home Checklist Blogs then you know we made a New Year's Resolution last January to maintain a clean and properly functioning home for one full year and guess what?... We've made it to the last month successfully! We can all pat ourselves on the back for a job well done and then pull out your cleaning supplies for one last Checklist to ensure your home is ready for Christmas! Let's not waste any time, it's December 1st and if you're motivated enough you can finish this list TODAY... read more
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Local Theaters Promote Holiday Cheer!

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Posted by Bailey Gordon on November 29, 2017 in  Inspiration Features  Local Events
The turkey leftovers are long gone, the neighbors have hung their Christmas lights and local businesses, restaurants and retailers have decorated their establishments to entice Holiday shoppers and patrons. While you may have boycotted black Friday and cyber Monday in an effort to avoid the public, regroup from Thanksgiving and digest everything you consumed over the weekend, you may not have noticed that Wilmington is beginning to embrace the Holiday spirit and it's time to get on board! There are always ple... read more
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Monthly Home Checklist - November

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Posted by Bailey Gordon on November 20, 2017 in  Buying Tips  Design and Decor  Home INFO  Inspiration Features  Monthly Home Checklist  Staging Tips
November has almost come and gone and with all the changes we've been making this Month at Bailey & Company, we hope our Monthly Home Checklist followers understand why November's Checklist is just now being published! Maybe you thought we were giving you a break for the month, since we've worked so hard together to maintain our goal of one full year of a Clean Home, but while we're proud of you for keeping up, the truth is we just got busy! So, we hope you've had a great little break for the first half of No... read more
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Thanksgiving Thoughts...

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Posted by Bailey Gordon on November 16, 2017 in  Design and Decor  Home INFO  Inspiration Features  Staging Tips
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with this being the end of the week prior to it, you're either one of two things: 1. Someone who has the whole holiday pretty much planned out  or 2. The type who waits until the last minute to even consider thinking about it because... well, it's still a week away! No matter which of the two you are, Bailey & Company has been putting  a lot of "work" (or fun!) into updating our Thanksgiving Thoughts board on Pinterest so that you can... read more
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