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Monthly Checklist Meets October Maintenance

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Posted by Bailey Gordon on October 08, 2017 in  Home INFO  Inspiration Features  Local Events  Monthly Home Checklist
While spending time at the local Pumpkin Patch, scrolling through Pinterest for DIY Halloween costume ideas & collecting new Harvest inspired recipes to try out this Fall are all fun and exciting things to be doing this time of year, you should also be reserving a few moments to make sure your home is functioning at its very best for the upcoming months!  With cooler weather on the way chances are you'll be spending more time indoors, so now's the time to take care of outdoor maintenance before it gets to... read more
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Fun for Everyone in October!

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Posted by Bailey Gordon on October 01, 2017 in  Home INFO  Inspiration Features  Local Events
It's October 1st and that means a lot of fun for the areas in and around the Port City! Hopefully there's still a lot of sunshine in our future, but a little less humidity & some cooler air on its way to really get us into the season! If you're missing Summer already and looking for some fun outdoor activities for the weekends or some outings with your family, we've got an October schedule of events that will equal fun for everyone! Let's start with Today! Have you ever experienced the Fall Festival at Hubb's ... read more
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Fall is the Time to Buy, Here's Why!

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Posted by Bailey Gordon on September 27, 2017 in  Buying Tips  Home INFO  Inspiration Features  Local Events
Even if your Real Estate knowledge is limited, you've probably heard that Spring is considered the busy season for buying and selling homes, but we've got a few reasons why you may want to buy or sell THIS FALL!  September is almost over, the weather is sure to start cooling down a little and the holidays are right around the corner, so getting into a new home for the Fall and Winter means buying now! If you have heard that Fall is the slow season or that you shouldn't sell or buy during the Fall an... read more
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Happy Fall Y'all!

Welcoming a new Season with the Autumn Equinox!
Posted by Bailey Gordon on September 22, 2017 in  Design and Decor  Inspiration Features  Local Events
Hello Fall! It's Friday, September 22nd, 2017, which means it's time to celebrate the Autumn Equinox and while you may have missed the first Fall sunrise this morning, it's not too late to see the Sunset yet! In honor of the Fall Equinox we've collected 5 Fun Facts you may not know!1. One of the main staples of the Autumn Equinox is the Sunrise that occurs at due-east and the sunset that occurs at due-west all over the globe! This is because an Equinox occurs when the Sun crosses the celestial equator and that... read more
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Monthly Home Checklist - September

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Posted by Bailey Gordon on September 16, 2017 in  Home INFO  Inspiration Features  Local Events  Monthly Home Checklist
It's September! While this means we're one month closer to Fall, it also means (if you've been following along with us on our Monthly Home Checklist for cleaning) that we're one month closer to fulfilling one whole year of maintaining a clean home! We usually do our checklist at the beginning of the month, but since we've made it through 8 months already, we thought it would be nice to take a break for the first half of the month. Now it's time to jump in on September's Home Checklist and we've got some good cleani... read more
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