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What's My Home Worth?

Posted by Bailey Gordon on August 25, 2016 in  Home INFO
What’s My Home Worth? This is a great question that we all want the answer to with certainty.   Providing you with the most accurate answer to what your home is worth is approached by many realtors differently. There is no set formula, no right or wrong answer, and each realtor has their own methods for operating (keep in mind that a realtor is an independent contractor and can therefore run their business as they please). While this allows for a lot of varying opinions, it also allows you the choice t... read more
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Rent is Rising. Should You Buy?

Posted by Bailey Gordon on August 10, 2016 in  Buying Tips
While RENTING a home or apartment might give you a roof over your head, offer you freedom from maintenance fees and provide you with short-term relocation flexibility, in our Market it may actually be cheaper to BUY! Currently in Wilmington there are 12 apartment communities under construction and another 13 proposed rental projects in the early stages of development. There have also been closings on five apartments sales just since the beginning of the year, along with nin... read more
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Styling the Latest Trend: Bar Carts!

Posted by Bailey Gordon on July 28, 2016 in  Design and Decor
Trends come and go, but some of them come back again and when they do, they come back even better! The latest trend to make its reappearance is quickly becoming a favorite for those of us who love to entertain! The days of styling shelves has been put on the shelf for now... lately it’s all about styling the Bar Cart! After prohibition, displaying your alcohol became a sign of wealth, an active rebellion against the prior liquor laws and a hint at any event that entertainment could be achieved th... read more
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Wrightsville Beach Makes the List!

Posted by Bailey Gordon on July 14, 2016 in  Local Events
We all know that beach towns have a natural, irresistible charm, but there’s an additional sense of magic about the lesser known, quaint destinations along our country’s coastline! Trip Advisor (Vacation Rentals) has recently outlined 14 beach towns in the US that they think are worth the trip and after researching their list, we couldn’t agree more! Our very own, Wrightsville Beach, along with a few other North Carolina towns, have made the list and we aren’t surprised a bit ... read more
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Looking for something to do around town? Why not put on a classic summer outfit, grab a canvas tote and head off to one of Wilmington’s local Farmer’s Markets? With featured fresh produce vendors, nearby nurseries and local artisans exhibiting their crafts, there’s something for everyone!      My goal when strolling through the open-air markets: leave with as many colorful treasures as possible! From bright heirloom tomatoes to a colorful bouquet of pink and white Peonies (these bo... read more
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